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Sugarless Loaf

23 February 2010

I returned to Shanghai on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year, alone.  Was not at my best mood,  but I was happy that I got myself a new book on bread - It's called Magic Bread by Alex Goh, a Malaysian Baker.  It's the kind of soft bread that I have been looking for a long time,  those breads that's exceptionally soft,  colourful.  Got it from Popular Bookstore in Singapore. 

I sat down and started examining the recipes inside out.  Interesting that he talks about gelatinised dough, and the method,  most of the recipes call for hot water mix with flour, and refrigerate for 12 hours before use.  Checking out on the web, looks like someone beat me to this,  and already tried making bread out of this book, with success.  

The gelatinised dough is referred by many as water roux starter.  

The other recipe I found is overnight sponge dough,  similar to an old dough concept.  

Well,  the 1st recipe that I tried is a combination of both.  I did a walnut bread that was too sweet on 8th day of Lunar New Year,  finally finished it in the last 4 days,  and now, I'm looking forward to something that is without much sugar.

Sugarless Loaf


Gelatinised Dough (Water Roux Starter)
100g Bread flour
70g Boiling water

Mix well to form dough,  let cool and fridge for at least 12 hours.  (I did it up to 18 hours)

Overnight sponge
100g Bread flour
60g water
1/4 tsp instant yeast

    Over night sponge             Water Roux Starter

Mix and knead to form dough, proof for 30 minutes, wrap up and fridge up to 12 hours.  Similarly,  to the above,  I did it up to 18 hours.  

The above were done the night before.

Next day, the dough:

350g Bread flour
9g salt
20g milk powder
6 g instant yeast
220g water (as it's winter here,  water is relatively cold)
40g butter

Mix all except butter.  Butter to be added last after the dough is well mixed.  Knead till smooth.  The texture is very interesting here.  The dough feels much smoother than those others that I've handled before.

1st rise - 60 minutes in my oven that's 50C (actual probably around 40 degrees celcius).

I did the stretch and fold after the 1st rise.  Let rest for 10 minutes.

Final Proof - 60 minutes in my oven.

15 minutes to heat my oven for 220 degrees celcius as the dough continue to rise.

Bake for 35 minutes - the turntable is not turning,  part of my dough is getting a little too dark.  After 20 minutes,  I put an alumunium foil to cover the top,  with not much success,  as the foil slides around in the oven.  It's getting a little black as I watched the dough turns.  comparing with the picture,  looks similar enough.  

Yum yum....the bread turns out to be very very soft,  with good brown crust, a little burnt.  Reminds me of the kind of bread we had when we were young.  The taste is interestingly sweet,  even though I didn't put any sugar.

Jenny Loh,
Mar 5, 2010, 7:32 AM