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Mill Loaf Adapted

posted Sep 18, 2010, 1:31 AM by Jenny Loh   [ updated Sep 18, 2010, 2:22 AM ]
Trying to ensure that my sourdough is still alive,  after 2 months of neglect,  I decided to make The Mill Loaf from "The Handmade Loaf" by Dan Lepard.  

Its been awhile since I've baked,  even if I baked,  I didn't have time to update this site.  All because of work and holiday.   Travels took me away from home for awhile. And I was away to a nice beautiful country called Italy on a holiday,  seeking history,  culture, architecture and food.  

Today,  I'm not going to talk about my holiday trip but the loaf that I made when I returned.  With my sourdough in the fridge for the past 2 months, I wasn't sure it is still alive.  But of course,  someone in The Fresh Loaf gave me the inspiration to try.  

I took 50g of the sourdough,  add 50g of water and 30g bread flour,  20g wheat flour.  Left it for 24 hours on the desk top and it brewed well.

I went out to stock up my flour supply.  I had my bread flour, wheat and rye flour.  I opened up the wheat flour,  gosh,  there's bugs in there.  There's no way I could use this flour.  Its not past due yet.  The store must have a poor storage.  Left with bread flour and rye,  I decided to add more bread flour.

I realized I needed to put aside 10g of white leaven for future use.  So,  with a quick calculation,  I readjusted the content.

Add water to white leaven.  Mix the flour and salt.

Add the flour mix into the water.  Mix well.  Knead for 10 minutes,  till soft and supple.

Set aside for 3 hours,  till it rise to double.

Shape the dough to batard and set aside for 2nd rise.  This takes about 2 hours.  The temperature is still quite warm at about 30 degrees.  The yeast is very active.  

Heat the oven up to 220 degrees celsius.  Turn the loaf over and score accordingly.  I decided to score like a netting. Slide the loaf into the oven and bake for 50 minutes.  

It was too late that I realised I didn't spray water on loaf.  The colour won't come out nicely.

As this is a sourdough,  I left it for 24 hours before I cut it. I had a nice surprise with the nice crumbs,  the little rye gave it a little darker look, but the bread was overall tasty.

After 2 months,  I guess I haven't lose it yet.  



125 g white leaven
137g water
1 tsp malted flour
225g bread flour
25g rye flour
5g sea salt