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Light Rye Herb Sourdough with Flaxseed and white Sesame

posted Nov 6, 2016, 4:44 AM by Jenny Loh

After many months of not getting the right texture for sourdough, I was almost giving up.  I didn't. 

Refreshed my sourdough on Saturday morning, 100% hydration, it looks bubbly enough, after 12 hours.  

50g starter
100g water
100g flout

200g sourdough
400g bread flour
100g light rye
350g water
20g olive oil
10g salt
2g dried herbs - parsley, thyme, basil
15g white sesame
15g flaxseed

Autolyse for 30 mins.  Then add oil, salt. Mix in Kenwood level 1 for 20 mins, add herbs and seeds, mix at min until all blended. 

Put into container, fold once.

Every 1 hour fold, for 3 x.

Bulk rise 3 hours.  Remove, cut and let rest 10mins.  Shape and put in banetton for 1.5 hrs. 

Oven at 250 degrees for 15 mins with water.  Release steam after 15 mins, being temperature down to 210 degrees.  Last 5 mins, release steam.  By doing this, the crust doesn't get too thick.  

The loaf was flavourful, soft, and open crumbs.  

Love it!