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Hokkaido Soft Milky Bread

Inspired by my failure of the Pain Aux Noix,  and looking up at the success of Happy Home Baking....

Bread Flour: 270g
Plain Four: 30g
Instant Yeast: 1 1/2 Tsp
Milk Powder: 15g
Sugar: 40g
Egg: 1
Salt: A Pinch
Fresh Milk: 125ml
Whipping Cream: 75ml

I was totally not convinced that my bread cannot rise one again by my poor handling of the dough. I need to feel good once again,  that I can do something right.  I was not in so good a mood after I didn't see my Pain Aux Noix rise at all after it did small little rise. (Now, it smells all yeasty)

Inspired by Happy Home Baking,  such beautiful loaves she made, and of course,  she did write in her blog that there are times she didn't get it right too,  and had to throw away the dough.  With determination,  I need to get my this loaf write this time.  Here's the link to her site on this type of bread:

I started at probably 10 am for this.  I happened to have whipped cream in my fridge which I haven't used.  All the ingredients all mixed up and pour them out to knead.   I tried really hard to using Richard Bertinet's method to knead the dough.  Here's the video. No matter what I did,  the dough is still very very wet.

I rechecked my ingredients,  oops,  I added 125ml of whipped cream instead of 75ml. I had no choice but to add some flour, 1 tsp at a time.  I think I added a couple,  before I get the texture I want. Next the rise.

It's 12 pm and I'm watching it still growing.  Time to fix up lunch.  Husband wanted to go out for lunch, in my head,  no thank you,  I want to do this.  Thank goodness for my son,  who had fix up a badminton game with neighbour at 4pm,  he didn't want to go out. Ok,  we'll settle for lunch at home,  while I wait for my dough to be ready. 

1pm and the dough looks well risen,  finger test.  It's ready.  

Stretch and fold,  once.  Let rest.  Start to push and roll into an oval to put into my loaf pan.

It looks really soft, as if it'll collapse over my hand.

There it goes,  another wait for the 2nd rise.  3pm the dough had rise up till almost the bream,  not yet.  4pm ok,  I think the dough has risen enough,  the top is same height as the loaf pan. Heat up the oven. I was not sure what temperature to use,  I decided to set at 200C and 30 minutes.

Oooohhh,  the oven spring is really really good.

Impatiently I wait,  I decided to keep my mind off by doing a little of exercise 15mins.  I still cannot wait for the bread to be ready.  Another 10 mins,  hmmph,  the top looks too brown.  I decided to turn the oven down to 180C for the rest of 10mins to make sure that I get the inside all baked properly.

Out the oven it came....mmmm,  the smell is awesome.  I had a little difficulty getting it out of the loaf pan,  perhaps I didn't put enough oil.  Should put in a parchment paper.  Rest for another 30 minutes,  very satisfied and happily started writing here.

30 minutes later,  I cut up,  wow,  the inside is really very very soft.  Wish it had risen more,  and wish I had a better knife to cut it up nicely. Anyway,  took a piece and tried the taste,  it is really really soft,  a little to sweet,  probably because of the extra cream that I added...haha...

I'm truly satisfied with this,  some improvement,  but at least my dough rose.  The family had this with ham and cheese,  yum yum....they love it.