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Grilled Chicken Salad

posted May 14, 2011, 6:39 AM by Jenny Loh   [ updated May 14, 2011, 7:11 AM ]
This series of write up is inspired by a friend of mine who requested a step by step, photo by photo to teach her how to cook. Therefore,  I'm going to call this Cooking as Easy as ABC.  The purpose is to keep this series of recipes as simple as possible.  

This recipe is something that I just put together without any reference to any books or recipe.  I've done grilled chicken a lot of ways, ie,  marinating it with different ingredients.  But this is the simplest.  I discovered dill has a very pleasant smell and taste,  and therefore,  here I used dill.  It can be substituted with rosemary,  if you prefer the smell and taste of rosemary.

I used chicken breast here because I was lazy,  no deboning required,  and clean and ready to use.  If you don't like,  you may choose to use chicken thigh which is more tender.  You can debone it yourself but there are those deboned ones available in the supermarket.  

Prepare ingredients:

1. Clean the chicken breasts.  Drain dry.
2. Add some salt - about 1 teaspoon,  or less if you don't want it to be too salty.  Rub it all over.
3. Add 1 teaspoon of worcester sauce,  same as above,  rub it all over.  Worcester sauce is like vinegar,  so don't put too much.
4. Add 3 dashes of pepper and 3 dashes of dill on the top of the chicken breasts.  Enough to cover a little like the picture above. 
5. Wrap in aluminium foil,  and keep in the fridge till time to cook.  It'll be good to pre-marinate for up to 2 hours.
6. When ready for a meal,  lunch or dinner,  put the chicken breasts still in the aluminum foil into the oven.  The oven should be set at 180 degrees celsius, baking mode.  I prefer the baking mode, where the metal on top and bottom are both lighted because it tends to be more evenly cooked.Ensure that it sits on a tray because the sauce may leak out. It should be put into the middle of the oven. Put 25 minutes for cooking.
7. After 10 minutes,  open the top of the aluminum foil so that the direct heat browns the chicken breasts.
8. After 10 minutes, turn the chicken breasts over so that the other side is browned properly as well.
9. It should be cooked after 25 minutes.  Let it cool for awhile before cutting into pieces.
10. Put the pieces of chicken breasts over a plate/bowl of salad.  Pour the remaining sauce over the chicken breasts.

This can be taken on its own as a meal or be the starter/appetizer for your meal.  Or put the chicken breasts into your bread,  add in tomato, cucumber and cheese slices, and you get a sandwich meal.  You may even add mayonnaise,  if you like chicken mayo.  



3 pieces of Chicken Breasts
3 dashes of dried dill
Some pepper
Some salt
1 teaspoon of Worcester Sauce
Green Salad