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Deli Rye Bread

posted Mar 5, 2011, 11:35 PM by Jenny Loh   [ updated Mar 6, 2011, 12:14 AM ]
This is a recipe from Eric, member of,  who had kindly shared in the website.  He is one of baker that I have learnt from.  Many have tried this recipe and they all love it. I just had to give it a try myself.

I saw this recipe in this blog by one the members from  I was fascinated by using rye and having such a nice looking loaf of bread.  Usually Rye tends to be hard,  yet,  everyone describes this as a soft deli loaf that is delicious.  So,  I definitely had to give this a try.

Taking a closer look at the recipe,  it uses rye on the sponge only.  Ah!  That's why is a soft loaf.

Anyway,  I started on my starter.  It's been a long time since I used by starter,  it had turned greyish on the top. Scooping away the top,  taking about 20g from the bottom of the container,  I added 20g rye,  20g water,  mixed it and put it a side for 12 hours.  I started this on a Saturday afternoon.

Well,  there was little movement.  I took 50g of the rye starter, and started on the sponge,  well,  as I wasn't confident of the starter,   I added 1g of instant yeast to boost the activity.  So, this becomes a biga yes?

After 4 hours,  yes,  it started to get bubbly,  nice!  So,  by Sunday afternoon, I'm ready to mix the dough.

I gave it a good kneading to get well developed gluten.  It was a little sticky,  but I continued to knead till smooth.  Set aside to rise,  after 1 hour,  I gave it a good stretch,  and set it aside for another hour.  It rose really well.

Shaping it as a whole loaf,  huge loaf I must say,  using my oblong base basket,  again the dough rose nicely within 1 1/2 hours.  I tipped it over and I wasn't sure how to score it, but I decided to do a criss cross. 

In the meantime,  I heat up the oven.  The instructions was bake at 370 F for 30-40 minutes.  I set mine at 190 degree celsius for 50 minutes.  

I almost forgot to brush the cornstarch over the dough.  I put in the dough,  was already starting to bake for 1-2 minutes,  I immediately took it out and brush on the cornstarch made up of 1 tsp cornstarch plus some boiling water.  It was a little sticky,  but well,  I load it in again.

I'm suppose to sprinkle salt,  but not liking too much salt,  I decided not to sprinkle them.

Other than my husband not liking the caraway taste,  my son and I love the bread.  It was soft and chewy,  and a lovely taste,  there was little starter sourish taste,  I'm glad as we don't exactly enjoy a sourdough taste.  A bread that is definite a repeat on our breakfast table in the near future.  Thanks Eric.


Using half of the original recipe

50g Rye Starter
175g Rye
175g water
1g instant yeast (I added this as my starter was not strong)

All of the sponge above
242g water
394g flour
1/2 TBS sugar
8g instant yeast
11g sea salt
10g caraway seeds (I used half of the recipe)