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New York Cheesecake as Birthday Cake for My 16th Year Old Boy

posted Nov 1, 2015, 1:41 AM by Jenny Loh   [ updated Nov 1, 2015, 1:47 AM ]
My son celebrated his 16th year old birthday on 20 October this year. This year seems just so normal.  I usually plan way ahead what kind of cakes that I'd make,  design it on my little note book, and usually its by layers.  I asked him what cake do you want.  He said cheese cake. Ok,  he didn't specify what cheese cake.  So,  I was planning a black forest for the base,  no bake cheese cake 2nd layer,  chocolate mousse 3rd layer.  So,  its sounds delicious.  This cake will probably take me 3 days to get it done.

On the weekend just before his birthday,  I asked him again, just to make sure,  that I'm baking something that he wants - what kind of cheese cake.  He said New York Cheesecake and I almost fainted.  I researched and found this recipe -    Seems pretty good.   The ingredients that I bought,  the way its to be done, totally way off from what I planned.  So,  I went to buy a few things:

1 pack of Graham biscuits (can't find graham,  decided to use digestive biscuits)
4 packs of Philadelphia cheese
1 box of sour cream

Luckily I had vanilla essence, butter, sugar.

So, following the methodology I started the bake on Monday to complete everything on Tuesday. The base,  then the cheesecake.  Baking in the bath with low temperature was the key to an almost perfect cheesecake.  Mine broke,  but I let it cool slowly in the oven as per advised in the blog, and it all came together.  I was going to cover up the cracks with whipped cream anyway.

After the 2nd day,  it was assembly time.  Whipped up cream,  put on the top only, as I wanted the layers to be seen from the side.  The day before,  I also had words written out from chocolate,  and cooled in the fridge.   I have bad handwriting,  so thought I'd just print out what I need to put on the cake, and use it as a stencil. 

Finally, putting the cake together. To at least make it look a little more presentable,  added cherries that was soaked in kirsch,  boiled in cornflour to thicken the sauce.


This cake is very soft, creamy, not too heavy, not too sweet because I reduced the sugar, added lemon.

As there were some extra cream cheese and the graham biscuit, made into smaller ones, top it with some extra chocolates that I had,   put into paper cups to be easily distributed.  


My son said that this cake is not sweet enough, but his friend love it.  Usually cake takes about more than a week to finish,  this time,  2 days,  and its gone.  I'm totally satisfied with this bake,  worth the time.