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Baguette - Experiment X

posted Sep 9, 2012, 7:03 AM by Jenny Loh
This recipe is adapted from a fellow,  but definitely capable baker txfarmer in

Baguette - Experiment X,  after many tries of baguette,  I've totally lost count the number of times the number of times that I tried.  I think I stopped my writing at Baguette 7 that I didn't post out,  as I guess I've lost all words to describe the failures.

Coming back to this Baguette,  in fact,  this is the 2nd try on this recipe.  I saw this beautiful,  full of holes baguette by this fellow and very capable fellow TFL baker - txfarmer.   Once again,  I picked up the courage to try once again the simple ingredients yet difficult process baguette.

With my rye starter active,  I added all the ingredients into a rough mass.  The original recipe call for flour and water to be mixed and set aside for 12 hours.  But somehow, this step was deluded from me,  I just forgot all about it.  I must profess,  I didn't give this recipe justice,  as I missed an important step which perhaps resulted in the not as open as the original recipe.  But overall,  I still like it, and will try to perfect it.

After 20 mins,  I started with the first stretch and fold.  Thereafter, every half hour a stretch and fold for the next 3 hours.  Then it went into the fridge.  As I have to bake it the next morning/afternoon,  I only managed an 18 hour in the fridge instead of the 24 hours as recommended.  

The stretch and fold definitely strengthen the dough.  The dough almost doubled in the fridge.  I did take out from the fridge and leave it for an hour on the kitchen top and it continues to grow.  I wish I had more time for it to expand more.

Next is the cut into 4 pieces,  fold into rectangle,  leave it on the table top for about 20 mins.  Again,  I should have leave it longer, up to 40 mins as recommended.  The shaping this time is much easier as compared to the last few times.  With 67% hydration,  this definitely beats the 70% hydration.

The final proofing took another 1 hour, the dough felt light and airy.  The oven was ready at high temperature 250 degrees celsius.  

As I was loading the dough into the oven,  somehow,  I couldn't get my dough off the peel,  it took me almost 10 min just to load the dough onto the stone.  My hand was all red because of the heat. After loading,  I still had to spread out the dough to ensure that they stay apart.  

Immediately after finishing loading,  I added water onto the stones,  and sprayed water, closed the oven door and watch the the dough expand.   After 25 mins,  the bread was done.  I wish I had more time to let the dough expand more, but was overall generally pleased with the result,  although not enough holes, but the skin of the bread is thin, a little chewy, but the taste is good.


150g Rye Starter (100% hydration)
430g All Purpose Flour
290g Cold Water
10g Salt