Started this site back in December 2009 when I started baking again, experimenting on breads which I didn't have much success a few years back. Now I have a community that I can go to, plus my passion,  determination to succeed,  definitely something that I love to pursue.

This site is meant to provide some idea of how my experiments went,  my thoughts as I was baking, while waiting to bake.  

My love for cooking probably started when I started watching my mom bake marble cakes, chinese new year cookies such as pineapple tarts, egg rolls, butter cookies,  and even local delicacies such as different types of curries - Indian, Malay, fish, chicken,  my all time favorite mee siam, longtong, nonya dumpling, steamed rice cake,  and many many more.

It's probably what we usually do,  and like to do.  She'll attempt to try new recipes,  and learning from others. 

Here I am,  many many years later,  trying recipes,  adapting them,  creating new dishes.  

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