About Me

I'm a working professional, who love to bake bread,  cook and try new recipes.  In the past,  I will buy all kinds of recipes books - mexican, japanese, spanish, chinese, etc etc.   I love to eat too,  always looking for good food wherever I go, or travel.  

I started to hang around my mom's kitchen when I was young, watching her cook,  waiting for the sweet aroma rises from the wonderful food that she makes. She was a great cook and baker.  Learning from neighbours,  with a sensitive taste bud, she sometimes will determine what goes into a dish and try it on her own.  I think that was my favorite place to be.

Bread - bread had always been my favorite breakfast,  sweet buns,  white loaves with jam or cheese, or ham or luncheon meat,  I used to wait for the bread man (the one the sells bread),  on a bicycle with all kinds of coloured bread to arrive,  I'll be the first to be in queue to buy my favorite snack or just buy for my next day's breakfast.  Even now,  my favorite place to visit is bakery when ever I travel,  I love to see all kinds of breads,  the aroma,  is simply irresistible.

With such sweet memories,  I just had to try my hand at making my own bread.  With this,  I decided to set up a site that I can keep memories of my own baking experience.  Hoping to share my thoughts,  recipe that I learnt,  experiences that I went through,  frustrations,  happiness,  this is what this site is all about. 

I'd be glad to meet new friends in the baking world.  Drop my a line and I'd be happy to exchange notes with you.  

email:  jennyloh@jlohcook.com

or follow me on Twitter or Instragram @jlohcook.